About Us

A Little About Me

First off, I’m not great with words, written or spoken! It’s probably why I’ve chosen photography to begin with. It’s just so much easier to express myself through pictures and images. I’m also not great with posing people for pictures in the traditional sense. What I am good at is getting the responses and interactions between groups, couples, and the environment they are in. This is what sets the mood in an image.

Now that we got that out of the way, a little about me. I’m a complete sucker and utter romantic. I thrive in conditions where couples like me are hopelessly in love and that’s where we’ll click. I’m not the loud, in-your-face type of wedding photographer, that’ll make you redo a kiss or re-walk the aisle. It’s all about being prepared, in that moment, to deliver you and yours that special 1 of kind image.

By now you have probably looked up quite a few wedding photographers and have notice just about a zillion different styles, so why should you book me? It’s all about the memories you want to tell. Look through my galleries, if you like what you see, then let’s talk. The images will always speak more volume than photographers can. It embodies, their heart, soul, creativity and training which can be hard to imitate. This is what makes every single image unique.

I’m armed with a passport in one hand and a camera in the other, ready to travel the world to cover your wedding. It would be an absolute honor and privilege for me to be consider for your wedding. Although I’m based out of Sacramento California and have an office located at 180 Promenade Circle, Suite 300, Sacramento 95834, I can go just about anywhere to any adventure destination you choose.